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Fine Arts Club Preschool

All About Fine Arts Club Preschool

FAC Fine Arts Club Preschool is the perfect place for your 3-5 year old to learn through imagination and creativity. We follow the Studio Fine Arts Club curriculum which was designed by early childhood experts and focuses on physical literacy, mindfulness, and fun. Your preschooler will play, move, create, and grow using dance, yoga, fitness, music, art, and drama. Through developmentally appropriate activities, your child will build the cognitive, social, and emotional awareness needed to prepare them for kindergarten. In addition to the fine arts activities, your preschooler will participate in hands-on, play-based learning including letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and other kindergarten readiness skills. Our lead teacher has more than 15 years experience working with preschoolers and is certified by the state of Alabama. Fine Arts Club Preschool meets at Fitness Arts Center on Slaughter Road. We follow the Madison City Schools schedule for holidays and closures. We can’t wait to welcome your preschooler into our FAC family.

Preschool FAQs

What is the cost, start date, and times?
Our Tuesday/Thursday program is $235 a month. There is also a once a year $125 registration/supply fee due at registration. Our program will begin on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 and meet from 9 am - 1 pm each day. New students are welcome to join throughout the school year if there is available space.

Why is there a cost difference between Fine Arts Club Preschool and other Mother’s Morning Out programs in the area?
We believe that the Fine Arts Club is an amazing value for the cost of tuition. Let’s break down what your child receives in the Fine Arts Club Preschool verses signing up for individual classes. These prices are representative of activities offered in the Huntsville area.
   Preschool dance class once a week $45 a month
   Preschool yoga class once a week (hard to find locally)
   Preschool fall league team sport $55 for season ($11 a month)
   Preschool music lessons once a week $100 a month
   Preschool art lessons once a week $50 a month
   Preschool drama/theater lessons once a week $50 month
   Preschool/Mother’s Morning Out 2 days a week $160 a month
This comes out to $416 a month. As you can see, Fine Arts Club Preschool gives you a great "bang for your buck" in one convenient location for only $235 a month.

How many children are in the preschool class?
We have a low staff to child ratio (12 children to 2 teachers) which allows us to give your child the attention and care they deserve.

Is there a separate class for each age group?
We have one class for 3-5 year olds. Mixed-age classrooms have been shown to help preschoolers develop confidence, creativity, a sense of security, and leadership skills.

Will my child have a chance to make friends and play with toys?
Absolutely! We know that kindergarten readiness involves more than just knowing numbers and letters. We want your child to have the social and emotional skills needed to thrive in kindergarten.

Is there a time for outdoor play in the schedule?
We do have an outdoor space that we will use for activities when needed but we will not have outdoor play each day. However, we know that little bodies were made to move so we incorporate lots of movement into our day. Since our preschool is held inside a dance studio, we have lots of space for that movement to take place. There will be time each day for free-play with balance beams, tunnels, hula hoops, balls, etc. during our fitness block.

Do you offer any other specialities besides the Fine Arts Club curriculum and the hands-on, play-based pre-kindergarten skills instruction?
We incorporate fine arts activities and books from other countries and cultures so that your child can learn about the wonderful diversity in our world. We also use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to learn letters, letter sounds, and writing in a hands-on multi-sensory way.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

What supplies will my child need?
Please send your child with a lunchbox, water bottle, and backpack/bag each day. To make it easier on you as a parent, we do not ask for extra supplies such as paper towels, crayons, etc. Your supply fee covers all these materials.

What are your COVID policies?
Our staff will wear masks during class except when eating lunch. Students are welcome to wear masks if families prefer. Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be built into the daily schedule.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!