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The following classes are currently available through FAC. Stay tuned for more!

Absolute Beginner Irish

Come join one of the most exhilarating dance classes out there! In our class you will learn the same style of dance as those seen in shows like Riverdance or Lord of the Dance. Solo and céilí (group) dances will be taught in this class. This class is designed for the absolute beginner - no dance experience is necessary to join.
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Technique Level Classes

All students take yearly dance exams as they progress through the 12 different levels in Irish Dancing. Soft shoe and hard shoe is required starting at level 3 and beyond. Performance opportunities are available for levels 1 through 12.
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Performance Team

All students who have mastered the absolute beginner level and have moved onto the dance grade level classes are invited to join one of our many performance teams. We have performance opportunities available year round including Panoply, International Festivals, Huntsville Stars Baseball Games, and many private events. On average, our dancers perform at 20+ events each year. Dancers are also invited to participate in several parades throughout the year. A separate and additional weekly performance class is required in addition to regular dance grade level classes.
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Irish Nutcracker and Other Theatrical Productions

Our semi-annual Irish Nutcracker production is open to ALL students throughout the school. Auditions take place in May at the end of the school year for our December production. Rehearsals start in the summer and continue throughout the entire fall semester. Other theatrical performance opportunities are available to our dancers in the springtime.
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The following table shows the tuition prices for semester-long Technique Level youth classes based on the number of hours per week. There is also a $20 annual registration fee per student.

Total Hours Tuition for Semester
1.00 225.00
2.00 450.00

Performance team classes are as follows:

Team Tuition for Semester
Beginner Performance Team 255.00
Advanced Performance Team 510.00

For more information about how you can become a part of this exciting new dance studio, contact us today.