You are in a hurry to dance class; you forgot to pack your dance bag the night before, and frantically grab items needed for class. This causes the inevitable poodle sock dilemma - the plague of the mismatched poodle socks! One sock is shorter than the other. Or one poodle sock is your little sister's and really tiny. Then you have to hear your dance teacher complain about your unkempt socks all class long. However, there is an EASY solution!

Simply take colored sharpies and assign each pair of poodle socks a color. Mark along the toe seam to easily see which poodle socks go together. This is a great way to ensure that you are grabbing a matching pair of poodle socks. Now when you are in a hurry for dance class, or simply sorting laundry, just quickly check the colors on your poodle socks and you will no longer be a victim of the poodle sock plague!