I asked all my amazing dancers to write a word that reminds them of why they love dance and coming to FAC each week. Each day I am posting two of them on Instagram and Facebook to showcase their idea of "Why I Love Dance". They each thought about what inspires and motivates them each week to come and be a part of the FAC family. 

I asked one of my dancers to write about her experience with being a part of FAC. She wrote:

"Not every dancer can say they made it to prizewinner level. Even though I am still the newest member of the class I was thrown into, they have been the kindest, most patient group of sisters I have ever been around. Nothing is more satisfying than that feeling of flying in a graceful leap or the gorgeous sound of a perfectly performed, high-level click. Nothing beats being able to learn complicated choreography, as excruciatingly frustrating and painful as it can be, and nailing it. Nothing beats counting out the bouncy Celtic violin music and contributing to it with the intricate sound patterns of your feet. Nothing beats being at your second home.

While normal Irish dance schools push you to compete, to ignore all potentially dangerous injuries and give up your whole life and sense of fun for this one sport, my second home does quite the opposite. It is a blessing that we strive to not necessarily compete, but perform, either on the big stage or at a small party, and inspire others. We care about health and we care about feelings, having the most fun possible while working and making fond memories. We care about thriving.

This place has been home for me. When one spends an average of four days a week with the same people and at the same place, that happens. While the studio itself has changed, the people, the environment, have and will never change. The atmosphere of positivity, of encouragement, of determination and energy can change any cloudy day and makes life’s life-ness worth it. What would I do without this place, without my friends, without my second home?

As hard as these past five years have been, they have been the best of my seventeen years and I will never, ever forget either my second family or the Saint Patrick’s Day dance."- Catherine